Mischief Cupcakes

Mischief's Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "custom work" mean?

A: Mischief's custom work means that if you want a blueberry cupcake with raspberry frosting we can do it. If you want a Bengals themed cake we can do it. It's YOUR call!


Q: I asked for a pink and white marble cupcake with pink and black frosting, I got pink and back marble cupcakes instead, what do I do?

A: If your order is not what you asked for you MUST contact Leanne (the owner) within 12 hours of the order being delivered.


Q: Do you work with dietary needs? If so, which ones?

A: Yes! We work with gluten free, egg free and low fat.


Q: How far do you deliver?

A: Do to gas prices we have a limited delivery range. Please call for more details.


Q: Do you ever use edible pictures?

A: Yes! But due to the fact I have to have them made somewhere else I add an extra $10 charge to the order.


Q: Do you work with fondant?

A: Yes we work with fondant as well as icing.


Q: Have you ever made truffles?

A : Yes! My signature truffle is Brandy Cinnamon!  .