Mischief Cupcakes

About Mischeif...

When owner Leanne was young she spent most of her time with her great-grandmother. She had 36 great-grand kids but knew what each of them liked. Some liked her Russian tea balls, others liked her chocolate chip cookies. Leanne wanted to be like her. A house filled with wonderful smells of sweet desserts. And she told herself that one day she would be just like her.

Something very few people understand upon calling is that we are not a full fledged bakery yet. We don't have a store full of finished products ready for order. When we get a call we must bake things on the spot.

Only you can help us grow.

Our ambition is to one day have a walk in bakery. Filled with cakes and cupcakes and desserts. To have tables and chairs so you can sit and relax and enjoy you sweets. To have a walls filled with art from local artists.